TATUNG Wire & Cable BU Film Introduction

Taoyuan Wire and Cable Plant of Tatung Company, established in 1966 represents a modernized factory with many years experiences in production and sales of wires and cables. We consistently concentrate on technical innovation and R&D as the base for the growth of wire & cable business. We have cooperated with Tatung University for materials and new product development. It is one of the leading plants in wires and cables industry in Taiwan, the Republic of China. Our wires and cables are widely used in telecommunication and optical telecommunication and power transmission and power distribution as well as in heavy electric apparatus, electronic consumer products, information products and electronic components.


Wire & Cable BU Introduction


Lead-Free Tin-Plated Copper Wire

Lead-Free Tin-Plated wire complied with RoHS requirements is used to lead wire of different kinds of electronic parts, capacitors and resistors.
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